“I think… I thought… What was I Thinking?” – Overcoming Assumptions and Mental Blind Spots

Poor communication and inadequate risk management are frequently cited as the leading causes of failure in business, politics and on the sport field. At the heart of this we find a breakdown in our thinking and decision-making process. Every leader has, at some point in life, experienced the “what was I thinking” sensation – that sinking realization that our decision-making skills have let us down; that we did not pick the best course of action; that we should have anticipated whatever it was that did go wrong. It’s that flash of insight we wish we had before we made a crucial decision or pursued a specific course of action.

Using real-life examples of decisions faced by political, business and sporting leaders, this engaging presentation highlights the neuroscience behind mental blind spots and the development of thought-patterns. It addresses both the benefits and the risks inherent in intuitive decision-making, challenges our assumptions about what confidence entails, and explains why rational decision-making processes don’t always work.

Participants will practice the power of correctly framing decisions, and will discover four simple yet critical tests to determine when to “go with the gut” and when to step back and get another perspective.

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