Act Knowledge is an Australian based, privately owned enterprise dedicated to raising up effective leaders within organisations and project teams.

“Without knowledge action is useless, and knowledge without action is futile.”

- Abu Bakr (573-634)

Our Company

Act Knowledge is a privately-owned business with a global influence and a mandate to build influential leaders at all levels of society.  The company was incorporated in Sydney, Australia, in May 2001 by husband and wife team Kim and Jürgen Oschadleus. Both have a background in, and passion for, developing leaders and helping people fulfil their potential. They felt called to make a positive difference in the business world.

The company name brings together two key elements of success in any endeavour:

  1. Having appropriate knowledge and being able to share that across the organisation and team in such a way that
  2. People are able to act on it – effectively and efficiently.



To make a difference in our world by helping people face their challenges, grow their thinking, and develop their leadership potential to live full, productive and meaningful lives that positively impact their family, community, and organisation; to foster self-awareness and empower people to convert technical knowledge into practical, effective action in all areas of life.

Our Logo

Our logo is a symbol of our core message. It consists of an upside-down venn diagram representing the three key elements of influence identified by Greek philosopher Aristotle:

Our Influence Equity (i.e. our position of greatest influence) is in the area where the three elements overlap. This area is represented by a heart, depicting our belief that true influence begins when we have a heart for the people in our world.


our character


how we make people feel, and 


the words, logic and reasoning we use.

John Maxwell Team



Jürgen Oschadleus DTM MBA MAIPM ILPF PMP is an international educator and consultant on project leadership, influence and effective communication. He combines his background in history, teaching and technology projects with a fascination for sport and psychology, and uses this to challenge people’s thinking and help them create new mental connections, apply knowledge and achieve the outcomes they seek.

With 25 years of experience in education, strategic consulting and project management across five continents, Jürgen is a popular keynote speaker and presenter on leadership and motivation topics.

“Our communication reflects who we are, who we become, and what we achieve - together.”

- Heart of Influence



Kim is a founder and director of Act Knowledge. She obtained her qualification as a Chartered Accountant at Coopers & Lybrand (South Africa), and then started Iscor’s School of Finance at what was then South Africa’s leading steel manufacturer. Next she took a role as Head of Finance & Administration with Booz·Allen & Hamilton (South Africa), followed by a stint as Legal and Regulatory Analyst with British Airways in London.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Natal, and a Masters in Taxation from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Kim consults and trains clients to improve their financial control over their business and or projects. When not working Kim is active in her local hockey club and plays competitive tennis.

Our Partnerships

Small, but global. Through strategic partnerships Act Knowledge has a global reach that far surpasses the size of the organisation. We work closely with a number of like-minded organisations, professionals and vendors to ensure our clients receive the best possible service and solutions.

Small in Size

Big in Mind

Our small team of experienced, hands-on educators and consultants provide both thought leadership and a personalised service, making them trusted advisors to our clients. Our strategic partnerships give us a truly global capability, both in accessing knowledge and being able to deliver services.

We Support


We strongly believe in helping others and actively support Compassion and the wonderful work they do.


Their vision statement is ‘Rescuing People, Restoring Lives, and Rebuilding Families’.

Other Community Initiatives

We collect old sporting uniforms (netball, hockey) and donate them to schools and community groups in Papua New Guinea.