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Real leadership is in great demand for organisations of all sizes. We help you build it, utilising tried and tested wisdom, cutting edge neuro-scientific discoveries, and practical no-nonsense advice.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Seminars & Workshops

We offer a range of standard and tailored workshops, facilitated sessions, seminars and keynote presentations that address specific workplace requirements, utilising both face-to-face and online delivery modes.

Profiles & Assessments

We are all unique individuals, governed by our personal values, beliefs and experiences. Yet there are common patterns of thinking and acting that enable us to engage with people more effectively. Our range of profiling and assessment tools facilitate that process.

Consulting Services

Knowledge is only helpful if it can be actioned. Our consulting services are an integral part of our value proposition. We use a hands-on partnering approach to help you define your requirements and solutions, and walk the journey with you.

Why Use

Act Knowledge

Thought-leadership in people, project and financial management

Experienced leaders within various associations

Long-term strategic and trusted client relationships

Strong international partnerships

Holistic blend of education, training and support

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    Leadership Training

    Our Conversational Leadership workshop forms the bedrock of all leadership training programs. We incorporate DiSC® and SDI® assessments into various interpersonal skills development offerings, incorporating both traditional classroom training and blended learning.

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    Project Management

    Project management is a core discipline in modern organisations, and our training, simulation and assessment solutions are leading edge. We work with clients to develop and implement scalable, robust project methodologies and PMOs, conduct project reviews, and assess project portfolios.

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    Financial Management

    Success is built on a platform of financial stability. We assist in developing financial strategies and controls that enable you to deliver on your project and personal objectives.


the Future


We don’t promise quick fixes or instant success. Instead, we partner with you and your team to build solid foundations, generate new perspectives and deliver lasting results.

We partner with you to:

Enhance Knowledge

Challenge Thinking

Sharpen Decision-Making

Refine Communication

Build Confidence