Heart of Influence

Heart of Influence coverHeart of Influence: Assertive Communication as a Lifestyle (2004) is the first book written by Act Knowledge founder Jürgen Oschadleus.

From the back cover:

Our communication is like the blood flowing through our veins. A healthy heart distributes life, just as assertive communication enhances quality of life and our ability to bring enduring change.

Jürgen shows us how we can live a life of influence, centred on the three cornerstones of persuasion identified by Aristotle over 2 300 years ago: ethos, pathos and logos—character, passion and logic.

  • A heart of influence, meeting the needs and interests of others.
  • A heart of influence, fostering relationships with those around us.
  • A heart of influence, founded on character and integrity.

The book retails for AUD 24.95. A free copy of the Introduction is available here.

Order your copy here.


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