CAPM Eligibility Requirements

This post sets out the requirements for admission to the CAPM examination. The full requirements are set out in the PMI Certification Handbooks.

A CAPM candidate is required to have completed either 1,500 hours of experience working on a project management team, OR 23 contact hours of formal project management training prior to their examination (completing the PMP/CAPM Exam Prep class will satisfy the training requirements).

Potential candidates must also agree to abide by PMI Code of Ethics.

The supporting documentation required by a candidate to apply for any examination is:

  • Experience verification form(s) meeting the requirements above OR
  • Proof of having successfully completed the required number of contact hours of project management education OR
  • Formally agreeing to complete 23 hours of training prior to the date of the CAPM examination.

PMI reviews and/or audits all Certification applications. During the audit process, PMI requires formal verification of all information you have provided, by your employer(s) and schools. This is a very formal process designed to maintain quality in the Certification Program. If incorrect information is found during the audit process, you will have your Certification or eligibility revoked.

PMP training courses offered by R.E.P.s [see more on PMI Registered Education Providers] are pre-approved by PMI for the designated Contact Hours in fulfilment of your PMP eligibility requirements. The eligibility of contact hours from other training sources are the responsibility of the PMP candidate and will be determined on a case-by-case basis through the application audit process.

If you are not a PMI member and intend joining; complete your PMI application first, receive your membership # and then apply for the CAPM exam.

Download The CAPM Handbook.

CAPM Exam Structure

The CAPM exam is focused on The PMBOK Guide. It consists of 150 questions made up of 135 ‘scored’ questions and 15 pre-test questions. The pre-test questions are scattered randomly throughout the exam and do not influence your score (they are there to validate the question for use in future exams). However, you have no way of knowing which questions are pre-test and which are ‘scored’ and need to deal with all 150 questions in the same way! The pass mark is 65%, this is an overall score from the 135 ‘scored’ questions (88 correct). There are no minimum requirements in each section.

The structure of the exam is:

PMBOK Chapter

# Questions
per Chapter

Ch. 1-3 – Project Management Processes



Ch. 4 – Integration Management



Ch. 5 – Scope Management



Ch. 6 – Time Management



Ch. 7 – Cost Management



Ch. 8 – Quality Management



Ch. 9 – Human Resource Management



Ch. 10 – Communications Management



Ch. 11 – Risk Management



Ch. 12 – Procurement Management



Ch. 13 – Stakeholder Management



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