Conversational Leadership

Conversational Leadership

Successful managers no longer rely on the traditional authority of the “command and control” culture to deliver outcomes. Increasing evidence suggests that force and directive behaviour does not lead to long-term commitment. Instead, managers need to foster relationships and influence to build commitment and accountability in their teams. This requires a whole new management style – one focused on influencing individuals to deliver shared outputs.

It is no secret that success requires good communication skills but recent research into how the brain functions suggests we may need to change how we use our communication skills. It is not necessarily the flashy, highly visible leader that delivers the best results, but the leader whose conversational questioning style elicits new thinking, fosters accountability and builds commitment and passion.

Using a case study approach, this seminar illustrates the communication challenges leaders encounter daily and then suggests alternate approaches based on research into the neurosciences, emotional intelligence and social awareness. Participants will experiment with various conversational and questioning techniques to build trust, defuse conflict and develop thinking.

Who should attend? This seminar is aimed at leaders and potential leaders in organisations – those who desire to communicate more effectively with stakeholders and clients, peers and team members. It is tailored for participants who understand that leadership is a decision that can (and must) be made at all levels of every organisation.

Your seminar experience will cover:


  • Introduction and overview
  • Foundation case study
  • Understanding the power of conversations to shape outcomes
  • Mapping communication styles and how we process information
  • Reframing – using brain wiring to influence decision-making
  • Structuring effective conversations
  • Conversational techniques that defuse conflict and overcome thinking blocks
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult or hostile stakeholders
  • Advanced concepts – forward-looking feedback, trilogy, word pictures
  • Creating a 30 day action plan

Next public delivery: PMI SeminarsWorld, London, 14-15 May 2015


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