Building Influence Equity

Successful leaders use influence to develop people, build teams and deliver outcomes. As with financial equity, the more influence leaders have, the greater their ability to achieve their objectives and potential. But influence is fragile; it cannot be forced and it can easily dissipate.

The workshop outlines the three foundations of sustainable influence and the interrelationships between them. It provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on their own influence currencies, and identify potential barriers they need to overcome in develop their influencing skills.

The workshop also includes individualised DiSC profiles for each participant (see a Sample Report on the DiSC page). The DiSC® Model of Behaviour, and helps attendees increase their personal effectiveness in:

  • Managing their own behaviour and approach to life
  • Relating with colleagues, team members, family and friends, and clients
  • Managing and influencing others (upwards, sideways and downwards)

Influence is not earned overnight, and nor is the skill to become influential. A key component of this seminar is the ongoing coaching and assignments which participants undertake, in order to ensure that the skills become part of their lifestyle.

Learning Objectives

On successful completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the three core pillars of influence
  • Identify common mistakes made by would-be influencers and assess strategies to address specific influence barriers
  • Understand their behavioural tendencies and how this affects their ability to influence others
  • Review their influence currencies and preferred decision-making style
  • Respect, appreciate, understand, and value individual behavioural differences
  • Enhance strategies for working together to increase productivity
  • Increase their effectiveness by improving their relationships with others
  • Practice techniques to adapt their communication styles to suit the preferences of their listeners
  • Develop an action plan to build their influence equity

Target Audience

This seminar is aimed at leaders who wish to extend their effectiveness in their workplace and beyond.

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