DiSC is a tool used to identify behavioural style by measuring attributes or qualities of a person and aspects of his or her personality. DiSC is an acronym for the four primary dimensions of behaviour:

  • Dominance – direct, results-oriented, strong-willed and forceful
  • Influence – outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic and lively
  • Steadiness – even-tempered, accommodating, patient and humble
  • Conscientiousness – analytical, reserved, precise and systematic

The DiSC behavioural model is based on research conducted by Dr William Moulton Marston (1893-1947), who wanted to understand the behaviour of “normal” people in their environment or within a specific situation. He documented his findings in the book Emotions of Normal People (1928). Over the years his model has been further developed and refined, and is now used by thousands of organisations around the world to eliminate much of the mystery, misunderstanding and conflict that prevents teams from working together effectively.

The key to understanding the DiSC dimensions of behaviour is to understand the two needs that drive our behaviour. There are two basic needs that influence how we behave in relation to one another: the need for affiliation and the need for control.

If you want our co-workers to work well with us and give their best we need to be aware of our behaviour and the impact we have on our work relationships. DiSC assessments make this easy.

The DiSC model also describes behaviours that are also easily recognisable in other people. Not only can we develop a better understanding of our own needs and behaviour, we can also build a deep understanding of the people around us, with a better insight into their unique needs and why they behave the way they do.

DiSC comes in many different versions. We are accredited to deliver the internationally recognised and validated version produced by Inscape Publishing. The Inscape profiles are the most valid and reliable DiSC products on the market. Inscape is at the forefront of research and development in the application of behavioural sciences in the workplace, and has published validation reports for all of its profiles.

We incorporate DiSC profiles in many of our leadership classes, and also offer DiSC reports as part of our coaching and mentoring initiatives, or as stand-alone reports where requested.

Sample DiSC Reports

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile can be used with everyone in your organisation to improve relationships in the workplace. Participants understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with, resulting in more effective and productive working relationships. View sample profile

Everything DiSC Management Profile

The Everything DiSC Management Profile takes DiSC and applies it in a management setting. Individuals receive a tailored report on how to direct and delegate, motivate and develop each of the four DiSC styles. View sample profile

Everything DiSC Sales Profile

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile is the perfect DiSC profile for the sales professional. Sales people learn to understand their own styles, and then how to people read their clients to improve sales outcomes. The free add-on Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Map easily helps sales people adapt their style to meet the needs of their customers. View sample profile View sample map

Everything DiSC Comparison reports

The Everything DiSC Comparison Reports are free follow-up reports between any two participants to illustrate the similarities and differences between them. Research-validated, this report helps to build better relationships, and invaluable bonus to any team. View sample report

Everything DiSC Group Reports

The Everything DiSC group reports help you determine a group’s DiSC culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking. Everything DiSC Group Culture Report Everything DiSC Facilitator Report

Contact us today for more information on any of these reports or to DiSCuss your requirements.