Tanks, Snipers and Hand Grenades – Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

Every organisation has them – the stakeholders who just won’t listen to reason or refuse to let others speak. They constantly interrupt and try to force their own opinions and views on others. Their continual sniping erodes morale and destroys productivity. They smile, and then pull the trigger from the bushes. Their seemingly easy-going natures erupt in sudden, violent flashes of anger. But you still have to work with them every day.

What drives these annoying and disruptive behaviours? And what can you do about it?

Using a guided design structure, this session provides a highly interactive forum to help you peel back the behaviours and uncover the underlying motives and intentions, the fears and thinking processes, and the basic needs that drive such individuals. You will recognise common patterns of behaviour that signal danger. And you will learn and practice a range of techniques that can help you defuse conflict and hostility, reduce the disruptive impact of annoying communicators, and protect the sanity of your team , while still delivering outcomes, building relationships and enhancing your own ability to influence and lead.

Drawing on the neurosciences, ancient wisdom and modern leadership theories, the author of “Heart of Influence” will help you gain fresh insight into dealing with challenging individuals, and will inspire you to enhance your own communication capabilities.

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