Project Fundamentals

Project Fundamentals

Managing projects is a fundamental part of life – whether it’s a large, complex business endeavour, or the next family holiday, a series of work initiatives or a community event, the fundamental principles of project management still apply.

Join us for a highly interactive one day workshop, in which you will learn and apply the fundamentals of project management, utilising a simple yet powerful Excel-based planning framework. Participants will work together to:

  • Define and agree the Project Charter
  • Develop a Stakeholder Engagement Map
  • Review requirements and estimates
  • Develop a project schedule, budget and resource plan
  • Identify and plan for project risks
  • Implement the project plan to the agreed quality
  • Close out a project and conduct a “lessons learned” review

Where many similar courses offer the theory, this workshop focuses on doing – by the end of the day participants will have both planned and implemented their project, and will have applied the tools covered in class.

Participants will also receive an electronic copy of the project framework that allows them to depict project objectives, key stakeholders, the schedule, risk and budget in an integrated, intuitive manner.

Follow Up Application Session:

Powerful as the classroom experience is, we believe there is no substitute for focused, on the job learning. Consequently, the team workshop will be followed by a personalised coaching session, in which one of our experienced project facilitators will come alongside you to review how you are applying the project framework, and will offer particular guidance to assist you to step up to the next level.

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